In addition to the lectures, tutorials and seminars, each taught module will involve up to two assessments that have been designed to test and develop students’ practical and academic skills.  For most modules, assessments will be based on two different types of assignments, one written and one presentation or reflection-based.  Role play, presentations, simulations and team projects are just some of the assessment tools used to help students develop useful skills for their careers. Students will often be able to choose the specific topic and focus of their assignment. This approach should facilitate development of their own professional interests and goals.

The practice-oriented nature of this programme can be seen in the final research project (dissertation) that is undertaken in Semester 4.  Crucially, students will be responsible for generating their own research topic, although staff will help to provide ideas and themes. Students will design and undertake an applied research project on the basis of a 3-4 month industry placement and thereby gain important skills in conducting industry-led research.  The Research Project module is examined through a written dissertation and a seminar presentation, which is delivered at the annual EMJMD ACES + Student Conference to peers and supervisors.

Students will need to study and pass nine modules, plus their dissertation, as part of this EMJMD ACES+. Success will ensure development of well-rounded professional skills and knowledge. It is also possible to specialise in particular subjects by selecting assignment topics and expressing preferences for industry placements.

The assessment(s) for each module can be viewed in the curriculum section of this website.