Our Students – A Truly International Crowd!

In August 2015, we welcomed the first cohort of EMJMD ACES students to the programme and they have graduated recently with outstanding results! From September 2017 we welcomed our third cohort to UHI-SAMS (17 students from over 10 different countries worldwide). Our second cohort of students (24 students from 18 different countries) have just graduated, having completed their research dissertation in July. Their projects were varied,  ranging from larval reaering of Ostrea edulis to Sargassum cultivation and fish farming impact on macroalgal communities. Students travelled far and wide to carry out their fieldwork – from Belize and Crete to Norway and Brazil.

See what our second cohort of students thought of the course overall

We are delighted to have received a further 68 EMJMD ACES+ scholarships and so we look forward to welcoming four more cohorts of students to our ACES + team (2018 – 2022).

Our students are a truly international group, hailing from New Zealand, Belize, Jamaica, Zimbabwe, China, Bangladesh, USA, Philippines, Israel, Peru, Colombia, Ukraine and many more countries. As they spend the first three semesters as one cohort they become a very strong team, with friendships lasting well beyond the lifetime of the programme.  All students benefit from specialist lectures and practical work delivered by a team of international guest scholars who provide students with an altogether global insight into the aquaculture industry. Whilst based at the University of Crete, all students benefit from undertaking a month-long internship with local industry including Sea Bass fish hatcheries, Nireus Aquaculture laboratories, and Andromeda Marine Farms. Click here to see how they got on!

“It has been the best two years of my life. It was a great programme for personal growth and making long lasting friendships in an international setting. Furthermore, it has given me the opportunity to improve dramatically my abilities to perform in an international academic setting and the confidence to keep pursuing a career in academia”, Anon, Cohort 2016/18
Cohort 2 Students