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In this part of the website you can find out more about the universities, partners, staff and students who comprise our EMJMD ACES+ by clicking on the following links:

From time to time we invite applications from guest scholars to teach on the ACES programme. Please keep an eye on our website for regular updates and click here for further general information: More

“EMJMD ACES was a life changing experience! While studying in Europe, I was able to enjoy the culture of each country I studied at…It was a wonderful experience learning about aquaculture at a global level and it allowed me to think about the current challenges that the marine environment is facing and how aquaculture can assist the environment rather than further damaging it. I’m truly grateful and thankful for this opportunity to do my masters in Europe.”
Anon, Cohort 2016/18
“Amazing, first of all! I learnt languages, improved my English, learnt so much from my friends on other cultures and about Aquaculture and environmental issues. Travel, work with great teachers/ professors/ supervisors from all kinds of fields and specialities. Unforgetable 2 years. I got a lot of inspiration from this programme and have a unique chance to experience both industry and academic research”
Anon, 2016/18