Fees and scholarships

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Update

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in Aquaculture, Environment and Society-STAR has received a €5.2M boost in 2022 to fund a further 81 scholarships over the next 5 years!

Professor Elizabeth Cottier-Cook, SAMS Programme Leader for ACES-STAR, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be receiving further funding for 81 scholarships from ERASMUS+ . The ACES Masters programme has grown from strength to strength over the last 7 years and this award is testament to the dedication of all the partners and our industry collaborators in delivering a world-class degree. It is also a fantastic opportunity for any student wishing to become a leader in the aquaculture industry and we look forward to receiving applications now for the course beginning in September 2023.”

The scholarships are funded by the EACEA of the European Union and will meet the cost of tuition fees, provide a contribution towards travel and relocation and a contribution towards daily living expenses. Please note: Erasmus Mundus scholarships are subject to availability. For more information please email aces@sams.ac.uk.

SAIC Scholarships

We are delighted to announce that the Sustainable Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC) are funding three student places on our ACES-STAR MSc programme for the academic year 2023/2024. See below to find out if you are eligible to apply and for more information. If you are interested and believe you are eligible to apply please contact aces@sams.ac.uk.


  • The student must meet the Scottish Funding Council’s definitions of eligibility, noting the new requirement that funded students must meet Scottish residency terms.
  • Transfer of this scholarship to another course is not permitted.
  • This scholarship is for ACES-STAR cohort starting academic year from September 2023. Funding cannot be extended and funded places may not be deferred. 2-year programmes will be paid in full in Year 1.
  • A cash alternative is not available.
  • By accepting this Scholarship, the student agrees to undertake an MSc project developed in partnership with a Sustainable Aquaculture Innovation Centre consortium industry member company that is relevant to the Scottish sector. If there are any queries about this, then project ideas/titles should be sent to SAIC’s Head of Skills and Talent for review. For an up-to-date list of consortium industry partners, please see our website.
  • If the student does not complete their project with a SAIC partner as detailed above, they will be required to repay this funding.
  • The student will be required to produce a final report of their research and submit this to SAIC within two weeks of submission of their final assessment (SAICskills@sustainableaquaculture.com).
  • The student will be entitled and encouraged to attend Masters training/networking events organised by SAIC.
  • Self-Funded Applicants

    We welcome applications from those who are able to self-fund our ACES-STAR programme fees and costs. Email aces@sams.ac.uk for more information on how to apply for September 2023 intake. Information on course fees and costs of living in each country the course takes place can be found below.

    Fees and Costs

    From September 2022, tuition fees for the EMJMD ACES-STAR will be:

    2022/2024 International €5,000 per academic year
    2022/2024 UK/EU €2,500 per academic year

    Tuition fees cover the following services:

    • teaching and examination fees
    • access to library and electronic resources
    • computing facilities
    • cost of short fieldtrips/ industry site related to a particular module
    • language classes (French and Greek) that are an integral part of the EMJMD ACES-STAR programme
    • access to university sport and medical facilities where available

    The following are not included in tuition fees:

    • travel to/from EMJMD ACES-STAR institutions
    • visa-related costs
    • residence permits
    • accommodation
    • personal living expenses
    • textbooks
    • personal computers
    • optional 10 day field trip overseas

    Cost of Living

    Living costs vary between the various university cities you will visit during the EMJMD ACES-STAR course.  Costs in the UK and France (Nantes) are generally higher than Crete.  Universities have provided the following estimates as general guidance:

    Oban, UK: Accommodation with utilities (i.e., electricity and/ or gas) costs approximately GBP £400 to £480 per month, meaning that overall monthly expenses, including food, daily fare for public transportation if living off campus and additional expenses, are probably GBP £800-£900 or €950-€1,000. For general living costs you can find useful information on how to budget on the International student calculator website.

    You may also find this article of great help if you are planning to study in the UK: https://www.studying-in-uk.org/uk-scholarships/

    Crete, Greece: The recommended monthly budget to live in Crete is approximately €650; including accommodation, food and additional expenses.

    Nantes, France: The recommended monthly budget to live in Nantes is approximately €570 – 900. Please CLICK HERE for a more detailed breakdown of costs.

    International students should be aware that they will have additional costs such as visas and travel for visa applications, return travel to your home country, shipping and warm clothes (for Scotland).

    Students should be aware that these costs are approximate and it is possible to spend less with careful budgeting than the amount shown.

    Scholarships and Loans

    We aim to recruit talented, well-qualified and driven students irrespective of their financial background. To this end, we encourage students and potential students to apply for a range of funding provided by UK and international government bodies, the European Commission, trusts, research councils, industry and employers. Below are details of potential funders for students of our EMJMD ACES-STAR by region:

    United Kingdom (please note some UK based institutions or funders provide scholarships or grants to international students)



    North America

    South and Latin America


    Australia and New Zealand

    Below is a list of portals (databases) providing information on scholarships, institutions and funders including sources of private finance: