Professional skills

Professional and Entrepreneurial Skills (Core: 6 ECTS)

In additional to knowledge-based learning, the EMJMD ACES + offers a new core module validated by the University of Crete (Core module: 6 ECTS). This module aims to improve the students employability by recognising and rewarding students who participate in activities beyond their academic studies. The Professional and Entrepreneurial Skills module is specifically tailored to provide professional or ‘life’ skills training designed to support industry, research and entrepreneurial activities. The module involves:

– Semester One (UHI-SAMS

  • 18 weekly face-to-face skills development sessions;
  • 2-day entrepreneurial workshop hosted by the Scottish Institute for Enterprise;
  • two half day sessions led by entrepreneurs on business planning and innovation;
  •  one day Shellfish industry conference to practice networking skills;
  • the organisation and delivery of a 1-day interactive exhibition at a Science Centre (UHI-SAMS Ocean Explorer Centre);
  • development of a CV;
  • completion of the UHI Ethics Reflection and Practice online course;
  • creation of an e-portfolio; and
  • formal interview with an employer panel (to develop presentation and interview skills)

– Semester 2 (University of Crete):

  • Internship: A supervised 6-week aquaculture related work experience which takes place during June-July in Greece or abroad. Student undertake an industry based placement with an Associate Partner of the EMJMD ACES+. Internship is supervised, evaluated and graded by a faculty member of the University of Crete. An individual should agree to supervise the student at the internship location and complete the appropriate section of the Internship Agreement form.