Statements and references

To apply for a place on the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in Aquaculture, Environment and Society (EMJM ACES), you will need to complete two application forms and provide the following:

All Applicants:

  1. a motivation (or personal) statement (max. 350 words) about why you want to take part in this programme, what you hope to learn and how you think the EMJMD ACES programme will support your professional plans for the future.
  2. a previous experience statement (max. 350 words) giving information or examples of previous experience in this area.
  3. proof of qualifications
  4. curriculum vitae/ resume
  5. one professional reference (500 – 800 words) – this reference should be written on organisational notepaper by a manager or senior colleague who is familiar with your work.  The reference does not need to be from your current employer, but the referee should have had a recent and close oversight of your work for at least one year. Your reference should include details on the following:
  • How long and in what capacity the referee has known the applicant
  • The role and tasks that the applicant has performed in the organisation
  • Example(s) of good innovative work by the applicant
  • Areas of work that the applicant needs to develop
  • The importance of an advanced education to the applicant’s career and to the aquaculture sector in the applicant’s country
  • Basic details about the organisation and its work with the aquaculture industry
  • Full contact details and original (not scanned) signature of your referee

EU/ International Applicants:

  • A translated version of your transcript and reference
  • Evidence of English language proficiency (i.e. a valid IELTS certificate)

Applicants who require a visa to enter the UK:

  • A copy of the personal details page of your valid passport


  • A copy of your sponsorship letter if you have been awarded sponsorship for your studies

Once you have completed your application forms, you should send these and all supporting documents to