Professor Garcia de Leaniz

Professor Garcia de Leaniz received his PhD from Aberdeen University. He is Director of the Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Research (CSAR) at Swansea University, and  leads the Fish@Swansea Group. He has in excess of years’ experience in the fields of aquaculture-based fisheries and aquaculture-Environment Interactions, mostly focussing on the impact of farmed fish on natural populations. He has published over 70 papers in peer-reviewed journals with funding from Marine Harvest Scotland, NERC, BBSRC, DEFRA, EU-FP7, NRW-KESS, and NRN-LCEE totalling in excess of £3M, and was entered to RAE in 2008 and REF in 2014. Much of Garcia’s research is highly applied, and he has consistently attracted media interest. In addition to his scientific outputs, he has published many articles disseminating popular science and is regularly involved in giving presentations to the public, angling clubs, fish farmers, and policy makers. Prof Garcia de Leaniz was awarded the 2014 ‘Living Streams’ for his contribution to the conservation of Atlantic salmon.

His work has appeared in NERC Planet Earth, BBC News Wales, Wikipedia, Practical Fish Keeping, and he was also the In Focus Editorial choice for Animal Behaviour. The web-forum Fish & Fly, one of the largest fishermen forums in the UK, has considered some of his papers ‘hot threads’ and his study of human-induced changes in salmon was recently featured in National Geographic and other media.
Prof Garcia de Leaniz has a longstanding experience in working with Government, sport fisherman and the fish farming industry at national and international levels. He has recently secured support from industry to develop novel ways of managing stress and welfare during intensive fish farming