Karen Alexander is a human geographer currently based in Hobart, Tasmania. She has multi-disciplinary interests, centring on marine environmental governance and including coupled human-environment systems. Over the last couple of years, her research has focused on the aquaculture industry. Her research has involved inter alia: developing and trialing novel methods for participatory marine spatial planning; working with stakeholders to identify opportunities and constraints relating to spatial aspects of marine industry development; and investigating the ways in which policy and legislation can affect innovation in the transition to a green (blue) economy. Karen is currently undertaking research on ‘sectoral interplay’ (challenges and/or tensions which prevent ‘whole of government’ cooperation and political consensus among potentially conflicting user and interest groups) in regional coastal and marine ecosystem based management.

Karen delivers teaching on the Governance, Management and Knowledge Exchange module which focusses not only on top-down governance from policy and regulation within a global context but also local governance and market drivers. This module is aimed at providing a firm foundation for further studies and/or employment within the aquaculture industry and management agencies and NGOs connected to aquaculture.