Throughout their time on the EMJMD ACES+ students have the opportunity to undertake industry based placements, research and internships. These usually take place towards the end of semester 1, where students have carried out research in labs based at SAMS or have completed a short placement with one of our associate partners based on the West coast of Scotland, including as Xanthella Ltd or Scottish Sea Farms.

During semester 2, whilst based at the University of Crete, students undertake a 6-week industry based internship in Greece. They may be based in a lab at the University or working out in the field with companies such as the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Selonda Aquaculture S.A. or Nireus Aquaculture. Internships and placements are designed to enhance students’ employability and professional skills, as well as building their networks and contacts within the aquaculture industry.

Crucially, during the fourth semester of the EMJMD ACES, all students must complete a research dissertation. This work can be based in a lab or out in the field with one of our partner or industry associates. Students can carry out this research in any country in Europe, including in labs based at SAMS-UHI, Radboud University or the Universities of Nantes and Crete, or with one of our Associate Partners. Some students have been based with organisations such ICM-CSIC in Spain, the University of Bergen, the Danish Technical University or the Institute of Fisheries in China. This semester gives our students a valuable opportunity to pursue their research interests within a key sector of the aquaculture industry, helping them to enhance their employability skills and work experience. Once students have completed their research dissertation, they must present the findings of their research at a Student Conference which is held each year towards the end of semester 4. Not only does this event give students the opportunity to get together again as a cohort but it also helps students to develop their presentation skills. A summary of the former students’ research projects can be found below:

Book of Abstracts – 2017/2019

Book of Abstracts – 2018/2020

Book of Abstracts – 2019/2021