Since 2015 we have welcomed over 80 students to the EMJMD ACES all of whom have graduated with an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree or a PG Cert in Sustainable Aquaculture. In August 2021, we anticipate 25 new students will join the programme, hailing from the USA, Canada, Syria, Armenia, Nigeria, India, Bangladesh, France and Austria. We maintain close contact with our ACES alumni and we are delighted to report that since completing the EMJMD ACES many have been able to pursue a career or further research in the aquaculture industry. 18 of our alumni are now studying for a PhD, with some having gained doctoral research as part of prestigious Horizon 2020 programmes based in Europe. Four of our alumni have acquired research placements in universities or labs in Europe and America, whilst two have gained teaching posts in Asia and Australasia. Some of our alumni have also gained positions with NGOs or in Fisheries Departments based in Malaysia, Canada and the USA, or with the United Nations.

The majority of our alumni – over 50 former students – have gained employment with aquaculture based companies across the globe. These companies include INVE Aquaculture in Brazil, Goliath Aquaculture Fisheries Project in Canada, Ocean Advocate, Aquaculture Research Centre of the Institute for the Marine Environment in the USA, AlmaMar in Brazil, Bloom Aqua in Israel, Biomar EMEA, Huddle Corporation in the USA, AquaBio Tech Group, and World Sustainability Organisation – to name but a few. We are also delighted to report that some of our alumni have established their own aquaculture based industries!

Some of our alumni have also had papers published based on the research carried out as part of their dissertation.

Many of our alumni attribute their success post EMJMD ACES to the employability skills that the programme gave them, ranging from the professional and entrepreneurial skills modules, internships and industry placements.